Thursday, March 24, 2011

Erin, Plain and Simple

We had a horrible surprise rainstorm (AGAIN) yesterday, so I wore comfy, warm clothes to work that wouldn't be bothered by a bit of rain. And apparently, this morning, my closet heard comfy and warm as being equal to being very boring and OH MY GOD WHY DON'T YOU HAVE ANY PANTS THAT FIT PROPERLY, WOMAN? I have a load of old jeans to donate, and I have a couple of pairs of jeggings for thin days and a couple of pairs of jeans that I THOUGHT fit. But, as it slowly turned out, either I lost weight or they loosened up. They do seem baggy, but they seem more baggy than when I got them. So I have ordered a smaller pair from Avenue, because their petite pants fit me (sadly there were none at the store when I went this week) and a pair of actual sneakers. As I've discovered, doing Zumba in pathetic excuses for sneakers leads to sore feet. But I haven't had actual sneakers in almost a decade! And I require wide shoes, and ones that aren't made out of hard crap (ie the ones I found at Target that hurt my feet when I tried them on). I am trying hair oil out, specifically nTrance, since I won some. This was my first day, and I think I underestimated the amount I could use. But my hair did feel softer. I will continue reporting on the hair oil front.

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  1. Hope the hair oil works out!

    Thanks for entering the spring wardrobe kick-off from J.E.M. Apparel - remember you can tweet every day!

    Good luck and have a fabulous weekend!
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