Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh, yeah...that's why I don't like jeans anymore...

So, my curves are conspiring against me. I had to send back a pair of jeans that I ordered because my waist is ridiculously smaller than my hips.  I'm excessively hourglassed...with no real butt. I would love to have some junk in my trunk, but I've got a mountain butt, a hillbilly butt.  I've got more than 10 inches difference between my natural waist and my hips! This makes buying jeans that fit a major hassle. In order for them to fit my hips, they always end up too loose around the waist. Unless I get jeggings, which tend to be way too constricting around my tummy and run low! Jeggings, you are not equal to jean leggings! Not unless we're combining all the bad features of both into one item. I know this, but I keep getting sucked in by fashion spreads with jeans/jeggings, and wanting to emulate the basic idea. I'm just going to have to give up on jeans again for awhile, and go back to my leggings and skirts. They're more flattering AND more comfortable.

Jeggings - Source of Wisdom. Bleah.
Top - Avenue, I think? Or OneStopPlus.Com. I recut the top and removed the tag.
Adorable Shoes - Dexter, and I got a another (blue) pair today

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