Friday, March 18, 2011

There was sun and daffodils and hot chocolate and dumplings!

I had such a good day. Not only did it not rain on and off ALL DAY LONG like it has for the last 4 billion weeks, but the sun was out and shining and happy! I could take my pictures outside at work (Thank you, Angela!) as students walked by, wondering what I was doing. I had a delicious lunch of (Chinese) fried dumplings; and then later on hot chocolate from our new cafe in the bottom of the library. Not to mention that I looked awesome! I love this tunic. It's my very favorite item from Fashion to Figure, even though it has these virulent yellow bits. Like all items of clothing that I truly love, it is no longer in stock. BUT. I got, in the mail today a package containing among other things, a skirt from Fashion to Figure. A skirt that is skin-tight, ruched, makes me look like I have an actual butt, and hits me at the knee. It is the sexiest secretary pencil skirt in existence. I need to plan an outfit around this. And shave.

Tunic - Fashion to Figure
Leggings - Avenue
Black sequin flats - Mossimo

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  1. Again, absolutely gorgeous in red. I can't wait to see the new pencil skirt!