Thursday, March 10, 2011


You can see a bit of my silver hairs that are turning into a silver streak!

My hair is finally long enough for two little pigtails! (And yes, I just realized that's the exact same excited sentence I've read on friends blogs talking about their toddlers.) Do you see my lip? No, it's not a cold sore. I suffered some child abuse. Meaning my sweet little niece accidentally smacked her giant head right into mine, making me bite the crap out the my lip on Tuesday. And it's still swollen and bruised on the inside. I knew I would be shifting stuff all around the back rooms at work, so I wore something that would be comfy, but still pretty. AND I got another package from Fashion to Figure! Every piece fit, and you'll see one tomorrow.

Shirt - White Stag
Blouse - Fashion to Figure
Pants - Land's End
Jewelry- Self-made

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