Monday, August 23, 2010

Where did they all come from?

School started today.  Now, I don't go to school anymore, because I'm old.  But I work at a college library.  And the kids were out in force today!  The first few days of class are always super busy as the little confused kids wander in, asking us where their books are, if we have books, where their classes are, etc.  It's sort of fun, but also a little stressful, since it's about 80% more business than we usually have.

My vest/cardigan thing is from the Torrid purchase (there's another, slightly different, that I'll probably wear this week) and the best feature is that it has POCKETS!  Everything else about it is great, too, but those are super-handy.  My head-scarf kept my hair out of my face as I rushed around and gave me a pop of color.  And here are my other pair of Source of Wisdom jeans.  These are boot-cut instead of skinny, like the first pair. 

Vest - Torrid
Shirt -
Jeans - Source of Wisdom


  1. Pockets are amazing, I always get super excited if I buy or make a dress with pockets. I love your necklace as well - is that one that you made yourself? x

  2. Yep, unless I say otherwise in the post, I make all my own jewelry!