Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pretty in Pink

First off, honestly, how hideous was Molly Ringwald's dress at the end of "Pretty in Pink"?  HIDEOUS!  Anyway, I wore lots of pink today, hence the title.  The students are starting to trickle back to the university.  It's so much calmer in the summer when only a teensie amount of them are on campus.  I have a new (old) camera from my sister, who got a new (NEW!) camera after the munchkins dropped it again.  It still works, but she loves taking pictures; it's one of her hobbies. 
But of course, I left it at work, so these pictures were taken with my cell phone.  Because the batteries and photo card that I was using with my old camera are in my new one at work!  So, excuse the poor quality.  The skirt is Kariza, the tank is Tag Above, and the black overshirt is Nikki Valenti.

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