Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is that a belt I see before me?

Behold!  A lovely corset-like stretch faux leather belt!  There are three straps to buckle it, and it's fairly comfy.  AND IT CAME FROM TARGET!  So it was only $17, instead of the gorgeous $50 + shipping belts I've been lusting after on Etsy.  Total win for me.
Superheroine Pose!
As for my total outfit; nice enough, but made infinitely cooler by the belt.  (Why can I spell infinitely with no problem, but I have a complete spelling meltdown whenever I try to spell definitely?)
Yeah, yeah.  I like neutrals.  Give me a break, at least I didn't wear all black!
Top - Old Navy
Skirt - Peruvian Connection
Belt - Target
Leggings - Torrid
Shoes - Montego Bay


  1. Well, these neutrals look really lovely on you, so it's all good! Super cute mix.

  2. I have the same problem with definitely. My brain wants to add "a" and mix up the letter order and GAH.

    You look awesome and I love-love-love the belt!!

  3. that is an EXCELLENT belt!!