Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little Red Riding Belt

I might be a full-on belt convert.  Bless me, Father, for I had lustful thoughts about that sash!  I've worn this dress a ton on the blog, usually with a t-shirt over it and leggings.  I kept the leggings, but picked up a cute little cardigan off the to-be-folded pile.  And then I thought...hmm.  What about a belt?  I picked through my belt drawer and got this out.  I think it used to be the sash of a dressing gown, but the color was so pretty that I kept it.
Looking at the picture, I admit the grey leggings look a little strange, but at the beginning of the outfit, the leggings were going to match the t-shirt.  I just never changed to black leggings or hose.  And today, my hair is behaving perfectly!  My fascinator is helping to hold it back the slightest bit, so it doesn't get overly busy during work.
My fascinator from the top
Dress - Chico's
Cardigan - Cherokee
Leggings - Faded Glory
Shoes - Xhilaration

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  1. i think your new haircut looks great! my hair is pretty similar in texture, for me layers are the way to go. here's my tips for 'toning down' the frizz (nothing works perfectly, this advice is worth what you paid for it, YMMV of course)...

    i never wash with shampoo, i wash with conditioner (dry, frizzy, damaged hair type). i put in a nickel size worth of gel in damp hair and let it air dry (keeps the curl from going flat and frizzy). my hair's down to shoulders, so maybe about a dime size for you? Frizz Ease Secret Weapon works well to tamp down frizz - use the size of a small pea. too much can get greasy.

    drugstore/supermarket products are fine, just get ones marked 'dry, frizzy, damage'. you can also research hair prods on line. and watch for sales!

    Hope this is helpful! i'm loving the belt thing, you've picked out some nice ones! have a great weekend, steph