Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo Negative

Some days, you just have to go black and white.  Particularly with socks this awesome!  All day, they made me feel like I should be in a Tim Burton movie.
These little shoes are my "run-around-all-day-at-work" faux ballet slippers that I bought from Torrid and with a little insole in them, they work great!  I'm still on a mad belting frenzy, so I found a long black velvet ribbon and used it as a belt today.

Socks - Sock Dreams
Shoes - Aftersoles
Top - Old Navy
Skirt - White Stag


  1. I love the socks!!
    I have some sort of like that :)

  2. oh the stripey socks are great. i love them. shoes = ditto. :)