Sunday, August 22, 2010

I can't be called, begged or bought, if you want to be my Johnny on the spot...

I got these lacy leggings from Torrid in my big package and they're just a little too big.  So I need to wash them and dry them in the dryer to shrink them up those few inches.  I'm afraid if I went down a size they would be TOO small and not look this cute.
I needed simple jewelry to go with this dress and the leggings, so I rocked a dark gun-metal chain necklace and bracelet I made, along with some cute earrings.

Dress - JMS
Leggings - Torrid
Shoes - Montego Bay

But if you want to see real cuteness, here's my niece (along with my sister):
She didn't want to pose for me, which was a shame in her little cute outfit (that she picked out herself!), but she did give Auntie a smile.
The face of cuteness.


  1. I am so glad you have had success with your Torrid purchases. I love it when I find a store that really works the look I want. And those jeans from a couple posts again are excellent on you. For reals, you look completely cute and happy in them.

  2. Love the leggings! You look awesome!