Saturday, August 21, 2010

I have jeans!

"Grrr" shirt makes me go "grrr"
 I had ordered a ton of stuff from Torrid last week, and it came in yesterday.  And it all fit!  Even (especially) the jeans!  I have now learned the key to buying jeans: buy by inseam length!  And guess what, my stubby little legs classify as "extra-short" (28").  These jeans don't drag the ground, and the crotch isn't 3 inches too low.  Plus, I bought everything on sale, so on 7 things I saved $95 off regular price!  The jeans that I had been wearing are going in the bottom of the drawer.  This pair and the boot-cut pair from the same brand are now my go-to jeans.
Shesh, photobombed by a dog!

Shirt - Torrid
Jeans - Source of Wisdom Navy Stitch Pull-On Skinny Jean
Shoes - no boundaries

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  1. Cuuuute shirt!
    I hit Old Navy with my sister-in-law and got $5 t-shirts today :) Good deals all 'round!