Monday, August 2, 2010

July is OVER

Last day of July!

It just started!  I know, I know, I sound old.  You should see my pretty silver white hairs.  (They make my mama VERY sad, and she asks why I don't dye my hair again.)  So: July is over and August is being.  Back to school month!  Jen's munchkins go back to school on the 12th, the swarm of kids will come back to the college.  And I've been having "going back to school" dreams.  I can't find my room to move into, or I don't have the keys.  Last night I dreamed I was helping to put on a huge production at my former elementary school.  I kept losing one shoe.  I never really have the school dreams about exams and not studying/failing them.  I tend to dream about being lost, and having to go up and down way too many tight staircases that don't have railings. (Hmm...looking at online dream analysis sites, apparently this reccuring theme of staircases has to do with my desire to either go towards enlightenment or away from it.  I think it's simply the fact that I don't like stairs.  I also don't like being lost.)

For my birthday (which was LOVELY, thank you all so much for the happy birthday wishes!)  I got many fantastic things.  A Roku box (which is having some issues playing Netflix, but I'm going to crack the phone whip at them today), a neoprene case for my laptop, a beautiful ring from Chinatown, another year of Netflix, and a gift card for Torrid from my sister!  The question is what to buy...


  1. sounds like your birthday was awesome: im so glad!! :)

  2. BUY THIS!