Friday, August 6, 2010

Thrifting? Bleah.

Warning: Rant ahead.  No happy ending, only crankiness.  Also no pictures.

Yeah, I know that several items of my wardrobe are thrifted.  But honestly, my mama brings home most of them!  As a plus-size woman (real plus-size, as in size 18 not some piddly little 12 or 14) it is DAMN hard to find cool stuff at your average thrift store.  And as for vintage?  I honestly do not have the time it would take to find vintage clothing in my size.  Last time I measured, my measurements were something like 48-38-47.  On a 5'4" body with stumpy little legs.  And I don't particularly want a vintage 70's caftan.  I'm not knocking thrifting as a whole.  As a (much smaller) teen, I got the majority of my wardrobe at thrift stores.  If you are a thrifting fanatic, next time you go, take a look in the "plus size" section.  Yes, that's the one, right there lumped in with the MATERNITY section.  Because fat people and pregnant people are EXACTLY the same.  If you live in a large city, there may be a decent selection.  But, I live in the mountains of Virginia.  Southwestern Virginia, at the foot pretty much of the Appalachian Mountains.  Not exactly a fashion mecca!  And as we know, I'm much too cheap to buy super nice stuff anyway!  So, I live on sale items from various big box stores.  I'm growing increasingly unhappy with it, but my job situation and basic thriftiness preclude me running up huge charges on my credit card.

EDIT: There is a happy ending!  See my next post!

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  1. I _AM_ the plus size section at our local Goodwill. I dropped off 8 garbage bags of stuff this summer. You are so right though. All of the plus size stuff is mixed in with the maternity wear. Um what?

    I just don't even bother thrifting because I get entirely too frustrated! Grrr!

    Plus, I've gotten some wicked cute stuff at Walmart and Target--inexpensive, yeah!