Friday, August 6, 2010

School days...

No, I'm not going to school.  But with the VA school sales tax holiday weekend, I was able to buy some great stuff that was on sale and tax free!  The clothing will show up soon on here (except the slip and camisole, which will feature underneath it all in a sneaky underwear concealing way).  I shopped at Wal-mart, a store I dislike on principle.  But my thin little wallet wins out over my pangs of conscience.  And their plus size section is a TON larger than Target's!

Shirt - Fashion Bug
Pants - JL Studio
Shoes - Mossimo

1 comment:

  1. Great shirt, love the fabric! But I hope you won't give up on thrifting. I never thought I would find clothes in my size at yard sales (especially in Southern California!) but over time I've found really amazing stuff for next to nothing. Yup, takes patience--but I'm talking Jones New York for fifty cents. I never find anything in thrift stores, but I'm good with other people's driveways!