Thursday, August 12, 2010

The bloggers told me to!

 So, yesterday I tried 2 new (for me) things that I had seen recommended by fashion bloggers.  Between my dress and leggings, I wore a slip, in the hopes that it would keep the dress from clinging to the leggings.  I also wore a belt.  I've had this belt for ages.  I would occasionally look at it, think "What a neat belt!  But it's much too big to fit through the belt loops on my jeans."  Then I would toss it back in the closet.  Because I honestly had no real idea how else to wear a belt.  But, when I started my blog (and started reading lots of other blogs) I got a clue.  The slip idea comes from Sal and the belting ideas come from tons of people, but mostly Sal and Audi.

The slip idea...didn't work so very well.  Even though I've very happy to have a slip that fits.  The belt makes me super happy!  I got several compliments and I felt like it showcased my (relative to my bust/hips) small waist.  The dress is new, another Faded Glory item, and I got it in brown and black.
Of course, after saying in my last post that my new haircut didn't get poofy, what did it do yesterday?  IT GOT HIDEOUSLY POOFY!  I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was moving a ton of cassettes and therefore flipping my head (hair) up and down.  Luckily I had a head scarf with me, since I was out until 9:30 last night before going home.

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  1. This is so great on you! I love the belt with this dress! Really awesome!

    Also, I really do like the new haircut. Don't chalk it up to horrible because of one day of poofy. The shape of the cut is so great, maybe it just needs the right products.