Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweaters are my friend!

My family - at least the female part - has a very close relationship with sweaters. My mother has reams and reams of sweaters in her wardrobe, just like all three of her sisters, her mother, my sister, and me. We all get cold quickly, so sweaters are our natural habitat. I love sweaters, cardigans, vests, etc. I keep trying to convince my mother that cardigans are the new blazer, but she doesn't believe me (or just loves blazers more, I haven't decided). All this fall and winter, you'll be seeing tons of sweaters and cardis from me. I have two big plastic bins packed full of them, and I'm getting ready to switch them out with my sleeveless items in the closet.

Sweater - Simply Be, Pants - Walmart, Shirt - unknown, Socks - Sock Dreams, Shoes - Dexter.


  1. I have a serious cardigan problem. Even when I'm pregnant I just wear longer tank tops and my normal cardigans. Pregnant belly solved!! :)

    Maybe you could hide all your mom's blazers.

    1. Hide them? And face the wrath of my tiny mama? The real issue is forcing her to stop buying ME blazers on the sly, and trying to slip them into my closet.