Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is here and I'm pleased

Top - Avenue, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Crocs, Necklace - Send the Trend.
It's turning properly fall here in the Appalachian Mountains, all cold mornings and nights with lovely days. I picked up some light scarves on sale at Wal-Mart yesterday for outfit flair. Today I even went with a sweater top! Yay for fall! I dug out my school-girl plaid Crocs, because I decided my feet needed to have some fun, too.

I've joined another beauty sample subscription service (like Birchbox): Beauty Army. This one lets you pick your samples, which I like. You get six a month, and have a choice of 9 potential samples, all for $12. I got my first box yesterday, and it was very nice. The box itself is much better than Birchbox - heavier duty and a smooth black finish. I'll definitely be reusing it for various odds and ends. My top sample was Macadamia Natural Oil's Healing Oil Treatment.
It smells fantastic - very hippie (without patchouli) without dirt, and my hair feels great. I'm a big fan of hair oils anyway, but this is a great one. And the sample was a BIG bottle, several ounces, rather than just a little packet. Also great was a perfume sample (Ruddy Water Blushed) that was a one-time wipe, rather than one of those tiny little spritzers that you lose. The loser of the bunch was the BB cream, but it lost because it was too dark for my skin. Honestly, if it says it's light, it shouldn't be too dark on my hand, the darkest part of my body. On the whole, if you're looking for a little treat in the mail every month, I would recommend Beauty Army over Birchbox (unless you prefer to be surprised, then you might go the other way).

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  1. I'm jealous that fall has arrived for you. I'm so ready for fall but it's going to be 90 today and 95 tomorrow. I think we're still a couple of weeks out for fall. Boo.