Monday, September 17, 2012

Rocking the hippie shirt

Real color eyes!
It always pleases me when I get a shot of the actual color of my eyes. For some reason, their blue-gray color shows up darker most of the time. I have to take the photo up close for the blue to show up. I accidentally looked at this photo too long, though, and now all I can see are features, not my face as a whole. We do that with ourselves, but rarely with other people (unless we're judgmental meanies), but once you do, it takes a few minutes to snap back out of it. It's like a Magic Eye picture, except all you get is low self-esteem and worry that your eyes/nose/whatever is drastically out of proportion in one way or another. So an evil Magic Eye picture, I guess.

Top and Pants - Simply Be, Shoes - TOMS, Necklace - Street Fair.
I have a pretty new hippie top! This is a new boho top from the Joe Browns line at Simply Be. I've loved this style for ages, but this particular top is on the pricy side. I grabbed it on a 50% Memorial Day discount though, and it finally came in. I had several hippie tops somewhat like this in high school, but they would all be much too small for me now, even if I had kept them. This is more boho than hippie, though, what with the handkerchief hem and all. How about you guys? Are there styles that you wore as a teen that you still love and wear?

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  1. Love the closeup - you have such pretty eyes! And cute top - I like the little buttons and handkerchief hem. :)
    And I have to admit that I have no idea what I wore in high school -- not a single thing stands out. I do remember owning a pair of neon pink cutoffs in intermediate, however ...