Thursday, September 20, 2012

Short arms are a hassle

This Lace Print Tunic from Joe Browns is what I wanted the most from all of the Fall Simply Be lines. (Ok, so I really wanted almost everything, but this is what I had decided to definitely get.) And I love it! It is so super soft, it's like I'm wrapped up in a baby lamb. And it's actually (short) dress length, rather than "tunic" length. It seems like tunic length is one of the most amorphous phrases ever. It can mean just below the waist to almost your knees. I have no idea. Simply Be does have length for almost every item it sells, but I have to admit that I am much too lazy to actually measure myself to see how long I want a tunic to be. My only quibble with this top is the sleeves, which are supposed to be 3/4 length. And they probably are on someone with regular length arms, but on my stumpy little arms, they're about 2 inches from my wrist bones.

I went with some basic black leggings, little black socks, and black shoes, to do the whole leg lengthening idea that's so recommended by bloggers like Sal. It sort of works, I think? It works better than distracting the eye with lots of colors on my legs, since I want everyone to look at my pretty tunic (which I've gotten several compliments on today!).

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