Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Accessories make all the difference

This outfit of a black t-shirt (Avenue) and a pair of pair of red jeans (Simply Be) is fine on it's own. But add all my accoutrements, and it turns it into something interesting! My two necklaces (and matching bracelet that's hidden by my sleeve) are a dark sparkly blue. My cardi (Simply Be) is an army green for some color blocking fun. (You know, before color blocking became a thing, it was really just known as "not wearing patterns, but wearing several different colors".)

Dexter shoes - Dexflex line
 Yeah, yeah, I know you can see my little no-show socks. But really, when I have shoes as awesome as these little cap-toe leopard flats, is anyone going to notice? They're the perfect rocking little shoe and super comfy as well.

Notice all those lovely silver hairs? I rock them like no one's business!
 My sister had all of these hair forks in her stuff from when she had long hair (most of her life), and has lent them to me while she grows her hair back out. Since I sit at my desk with headphones on most of the day, I want my hair back, but I also want it to be pretty. And a fancy hair fork does a much better job than a simple hair elastic. Going without headphones - it would drive me crazy! I am not one to suffer silence well, and in my little open cubicle, speakers are not really an option. So I have a pair of big, old-fashioned supra-aural headphones which would ruin any hairstyle that was left down. (Bonus - these are better for your hearing health than earbuds.)

Zoya nail polish in Marley
I'm a big fan of Zoya nail polish. It comes in a bajillion different colors, and it's $8 a bottle. I get mine from Birchbox, but you can order direct from the Zoya website as well. They give great coverage (in just 2 coats), dry ultra quick, and they're toxin free (no toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, or dibutyl phthalate).

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