Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Simply Be Addict

Cardi and Top - Simply Be, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - TOMS.
*Note: I am not shilling for Simply Be and being paid. I just think that they make better quality clothes than most companies, and have some really interesting things.
Assuming that you read my blog instead of just looking at the pictures, you know that I'm a complete Simply Be addict. It's BRITISH PLUS SIZE FASHION. How could I not love it?! But I realized that I've been neglecting to fully tell everyone about the size ranges. See, my sister is small - as in she wears a size small. So she never gets anything from Simply Be, it's my company. My sister just thrifts her little heart out, because she can always find stuff. But Simply Be actually has a huge size range. They say on their front page that they carry size 10-28. And that's true. But they have a limited selection of their clothes, also, that go from sizes 8-30. So the majority of you could probably enjoy some of the same stuff that I do! And the rest of you could enjoy the shoes, bags, and jewelry that they carry. Also, I do believe in supporting a company that shows all of their clothes on plus-size models. 

Slouch Jersey Top in Damson
This top is so lovely and silky; a really great little tee. The damson is only still available in size 20, but the black and the white are available in a number of sizes. The top has a wide scoop neck, but it actually manages to NOT show my bra straps! I haven't washed it yet, so I have no report back on that front yet. If they had it in more actual colors, I would snap it up in a heartbeat. And yes, those pants are fairly hideous.

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  1. I didn't know they carried smaller sizes, too, and I'm always looking for new sites for pretty accessories. Thanks for the heads up. :)