Sunday, September 26, 2010

Up close...then far away!

Okay, this post might end up being a little strange.  Pictures mixed with earnest prose.  You are forewarned.

I realized that I mostly do two kinds of outfit shots.  Closeups (from about the waist up, focusing on my face), and full-length.  "Duh," you're thinking, "Those ARE the basic shots."  But I'm still new to this whole idea, so sometimes the obvious hits me like a ton of bricks.  This concept of attractiveness being focused on (a) the body and (b) the face, is what our society is built on.  (By body, of course, I mean T&A and legs.)

But what about the fact that looking through pictures on my blog, I love my hair more than my face and my wide little feet more than my body (fantastic bosom excluded)?  My hair is super thick and wavy.  It's finally back to it's natural color, dark brown with silver strands and the occasional golden brown strands.  To me, my feet are normal size, but looking at the pictures over the last year, they ARE on the small size compared to the rest of my body.  They may be wide, but I don't try to jam them into shoes that emphasize that.

I could simply fill this blog with pictures of the features I find the most attractive.  Or I could try to find beauty in every part of my body.  If you've read this blog for more than a few posts, you've noticed that I have issues with my photographed smile.  I don't like it, not at all.  My mouth naturally tilts down, and I have fairly round cheeks.  To me, when I see my smile on here, way too often I look either snarky or my face looks faaaaaat.  (You have to drawl out the word for maximum effect.)

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping with my sister.  I'll be looking for some "boyfriend" style jeans.  I have issues with jeans to begin with.  I (might) have small issues with the fact that my sister is very beautiful.  She's always been the pretty one AND she's also just as smart as me.  But Jen hasn't ever felt truly comfortable in her skin, thanks to our society.  At different points in our life, I've had more belief in my own beauty than she has.  And Jen has always been the most beautiful person I've met in person.  But I don't even smack her around for it.  It's like I'm a saint!  Okay, I've rambled enough about this without really saying anything.  We'll talk again.


  1. Awww! You totally made me tear up. Thank you. (sniff, sniff)

    I've always been jealous of the total confidence you carry yourself with - you're beautiful and you KNOW it, which makes you more beautiful. Did I tell you that after the melodrama last year (we both acted in a melodrama in local community theater), one of my co-workers went on and on about how you carry yourself with such confidence and really just put yourself out there! Especially when singing, she pointed out - which is true. (For those that don't know, Erin has an AMAZING voice - she sounds halfway between an opera singer and an African-American spiritual singer, thanks to several years of private voice lessons and a love of southern gospel songs.)

  2. PS - I love the ribbon belt you wore today! Meant to tell you at church, but I was all cranky with David when I got there. Luckily our sunday school class guilted me out of being mad at him, but then I had to rush off to drive the kids to their party.