Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Girl Socks

Yep, I've got my big girl socks on.  They're a WHOLE lot different from big girl panties.  I liked the touch of purple with the otherwise all-black outfit.  I ordered a mess of socks like this from Sock Dreams last week when it got cold.  AND THEN IT GOT WARM AGAIN.  Stupid weather.  But I knew I was staying inside all day at work, then coming on home, so I put them on to combat the AC.  You'll see the others pop up soon, in olive, gray, and a dark red. 

Bangles!  Layered in black and silver and metallic enough to stick to our desensitizing magnet!

A closer look at the socks.

This is what the top of my tunic looked like.  Isn't that GORGEOUS?!  All fluffy little flowers!

Tunic - Ummm...TJ Maxx
Pants - Gilligan and O'Malley
Socks - Sock Dreams


  1. your top IS gorgeous!! i love the detail along the collar. cute necklace too. :)

  2. Thanks for the necklace comment! I just upcycled a big batch of sale jewelry and that chain was part of it!

  3. darlin- you look fab! Love love the socks, you know I love purple!!!