Friday, September 10, 2010

Fat and bloated; but with great jewelry

We all have those days (PERIOD DAYS) when we're bloated, ladies.  Handy hint: wearing jeggings MAKES YOU FEEL VERY VERY FAT on one of those days.  Like everyone but me hadn't figured this out!  Luckily, my outfit concealed my bloated tummy, but I still felt all icky.  Luckily my chest looked great!!  And so did this necklace, another find at the flea market ($3!!!), on a costume jewelry table.

All the fashion mags keep talking about (that I want to wear) are tunics.  "They're so flattering, so versatile..."  So freaking UNAVAILABLE at any shop I go to!  All I want is a tunic that comes down past my butt and DOESN'T have an elastic band around the bottom.  Is that so hard?    If I did have such a tunic I could wear it with leggings or my jeggings.  The few "tunics" I can find (and I'm using the term loosely) have the dreaded elastic around the bottom.  Because all plus-size girls like to draw attention to the wideness of their hips!  So, I've just been buying mini-dresses.  Or in this case, using a super-soft nightgown!  With the cardigan on, it's not readily apparent that it's a nightie.  The jersey fabric helps disguise it, too.  In case you haven't noticed, Gilligan and O'Malley has become one of my favorite new brands.  I would gladly be a shill for them....(crickets chirping in the dead silence).  Oh, well.  I'll just keep wearing their sleepwear out in public.

Cardigan - Torrid
Dress - a nightgown from Gilligan and O'Malley

Jeans - Source of Wisdom
Shoes - thrifted


  1. Gah, when I was working at a used bookstore I would *always* end up in my skinny jeans on period day :(
    But now I have a lovely elastic-waist jersey skirt so that gets rocked on those days :)

  2. If you don't mind spending a LITTLE bit of money, has some great tunics, no elastic. And they custom-tailor to your bra size, height, etc. They do have stuff on clearance often--worth it to check them out!