Thursday, September 16, 2010

That's my dress and I'm sticking (with) it

This dress looks strangely familiar, doesn't it?  Almost like I have another like black...and in brown.  (Full confession: if the other colors were cute, I would have them all.)  I love this dress.  It's actually long enough to be a dress, but it works over leggings as a longer tunic as well.
Bottlecap belt!  You have returned from the depths of my belt drawer!  So jauntily low-slung and tummy-pooch concealing!  Homemade jewelry that I put together from that pile of massive chains and such that were on sale at Maurice's!  Joy truly was mine yesterday.

Dress - JMS
Leggings - Faded Glory


  1. Hey, when you find a shape that works for you, it's totally good to have more than one option. I wouldn't have guessed, except you pointed it out!