Sunday, September 5, 2010

Never pose with a munchkin

Feast your eyes upon it, baby!
I love my niece,  really.  She's more like me than anyone except my mom.  But in terms of sheer cuteness...she takes the whole cake.
I looked pretty good in this outfit.  But did you notice?  No!  Your eyes went straight to that disgustingly cute little moppet, who said "I want to be in the picture with Auntie!"  Hmph.  Looking all tiny and adorable...Her head's humongous, you know.  Just like me, her grandpa, her mom AND her dad.  AND her brother.  A whole family of pumpkin heads except my mom.  Do you want to see more?  The little wretch isn't even posing here.
None of your children will be/have been/are this cute or will ever be.  Sorry.  Snicker.  I love my Ellie-belle.  (And my Killy, but I have no photos of him from yesterday.)

Yesterday's outfit-
Blouse - Faded Glory
Tank - A Tag Above
Pants - Gilligan and O'Malley (see post for further ravings about these pants)
Jewelry - self-made

And now today, it was chilly.  YAY FALL!  It was a big day at church, as we welcomed back an interim pastor that used to be a full-time pastor here.  It was actually cool enough outside (and in, with all the air conditioning) to warrant this light sweater. 
You know how magazines say to  part your hair the opposite way for fullness and volume?  Apparently they actually mean if you have wavy hair is that you'll get weird curls and odd flatness.  I'm definitely not doing that again.  I have a hard enough time doing my hair anyway.  (Hairdo incompetent person here!)  I'm sticking with the part Nature gave me, and the hairstyles my stubby little fingers can manage.

Sweater - Faded Glory
Pants - JL Studio
Shoes - Mossimo
Jewelry - self-made

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