Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Clothes

Fall has come to the mountains.  At least, the last few days have been cold.  Saturday, it was not only cold outside, it was super-chilly INSIDE too!  The A/C at work is seriously out of control.  I tweeted that I had packed on the layers, and I wasn't kidding!  I had thrown on the little stirrup socks (Sock Dreams!) just for a little kick, but sadly the nylon gave me little comfort.  It did hide the goosebumps.
Shirt - Faded Glory
Tank - men's tank, dyed by me
Pants - Gilligan and O'Malley
Shoes - unknown
"No, Mr. Bond.  I expect you to die."  Uncontrollable eyebrow.
Today, I bucked up and dressed like a responsible person who knows that it will be much colder than it has been in months.  I wore long pants and a jacket.  Aren't I the smartest 29 year old you know?
I also wore some awesome jewelry that I threw together.
Long dangly earrings and a little pendant with scraps of dictionary paper featuring the word Intrepid.
  Look, the little pages really flip!
Jen has a little bit more tan than me.
Pants and Top - White Stag
Jacket -  Travelsmith

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