Thursday, September 9, 2010

Black and green

This jewelry is made from beads that I got this weekend at the flea market for a veritable STEAL, I tell you!  Seriously, a great price from a very nice man.  Enough beads for $12 to make a super-long strand that loops over MY gigantic head three times with six beads left over to make these cute little matching earrings!  I usually don't do matching earrings, but this necklace seemed to cry out for them.

Jen and I both wore black yesterday.  We were the girls in black, sisters of a shared color for once!  (Jen is about a bajillion shades tanner than me, as is most of the world.  She got the tan coloring of our Native American ancestors (on both sides) and I got the super thick hair.

Here's another photo of the beads...such a gorgeous color!  I had to snatch these up as soon as I saw them on the table.  I love this pale green glass.  And no, they are NOT jade.  But I can pretend they are!

Dress - Faded Glory
Leggings - White Stag
Shoes - thrifted, all labels rubbed off

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