Friday, October 1, 2010

Catching up

I haven't posted my outfits for the last few days.  But I have a totally good reason!  See, I bashed my right hand into a doorjamb last Tuesday and it hurt.  And it kept hurting.  And my pinky felt sort of numb when it didn't feel sore.  So this Tuesday, I finally went to the doctor to see if it was broken.  It turns out that I just strained the tendons in my hand around the 5th metacarpal.  What this means is: my hand is sore, but I have to exercise it.
Sucks, huh?

This is my outfit from Tuesday.  I went for the mildly affluent street urchin look.  Short pants, OTK socks, lovely purple shirt (this is a 3/4 length sleeve on me, by the way.  Short arms, I curse you!).  I'm getting more into bronze jewelry.  This necklace is a piece from Maurice's that I restyled.  It was about twice as long, with one length of chain leading down to this lovely tangle of chains.  So I simply took off the single piece of chain with my pliers and fastened the rest together.  And that still left it long enough to go over my head without a clasp!

Obviously I am very serious in this photo.  This was Wednesday.  It's actually fall here in the mountains now, so I need to switch over my wardrobe next week when I have time off.  I dug out this mock turtleneck and snuggled down into it's warmth all day.  Once again, the necklace is from Maurice's, but this time I didn't change a thing.

No info about what I'm wearing since I'm so behind.  Sorry, people, I didn't jot down what I wore each day!

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  1. that purple top is a great color on you!! and i love the gold jewelery! you look fabulous :)