Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall dressing!

Are you not full of envy?
On Sunday, I went with a very fall-color inspired outfit.  I also wore some new shoes, my Avenue Annie Buttoned Shooties.  Another pair of high heels for me!  I felt very tall and in control.  Until my feet started aching from the first day of being up in Barbie doll position.  Jen has declared "shooties" to be one of the dumbest words ever.  But really, a combo of shoe-booties isn't really any more ridiculous than jeggings for jean-leggings.  I need to stretch out the tops of the shoes (so they aren't so tight) with some tennis balls shoved down in the shoes.  This means I need to buy tennis balls...

I usually don't work this particular rust color of red, but what with the pattern on the skirt and the variable temperatures of the day, it worked pretty well!  I want it to get cold and stay cold!  We kept having huge variations here every week, from the high 70's to the mid-50's.

Top - Simply Southwest
Skirt - Bila
Shoes - Avenue


  1. Yes, I'd really like to know how you're supposed to dress when it's 45 in the morning and 83 at 4 pm???

  2. wow.
    1. that color red is gorgeous on you.
    2. i love the expression on your face in the second picture because you're totally like "my shoes can kick your shoes ass"
    3. those shoes DID kick my chuck taylors ass and i LOVE them. well done!!!

    ps. little tip from minnesota, land of random weather changes (you need the heat on in the morning & the ac on in the afternoon): dress in layers! :)