Sunday, October 10, 2010


10-8-10 (aka Friday)

Yay!  Another Avenue outfit!  (You can count on me saying this for weeks, so get used to it, chickies.)  What I really want to talk about is my hair.  A while ago (August 10) I got my hair cut in a salon.  And because it seemed like it would fix some of my problems (super-thick hair = often frizzy), I got it layered even more than the little bitty layers my sister had cut in.  The layers were supposed to thin out my hair some so it wasn't so overly full.  Unlike other salon experiences, this did not make me cry.  But as time went on, I noticed something.  All those curls and super waves that had popped back into my hair when I cut it so short up by my chin?  Those were gradually disappearing.  And that frizz?  NOT disappearing.  How it was possible for my hair to be both (for me) rather flat but also poufy and frizzy was a mystery.  Particularly since I was using more products to style than I ever had before.    So I got my mom to cut a little (she'll generally do anything to my hair I want, after dire warnings that if I don't like it, it's my own fault).  I asked her to cut the back where it was about an inch or so longer than the rest of the unlayered hair.  Essentially, I'm growing the layers out.  My hair might get poufy again, but damnit! my hair will be curly and all the same length!  Instead of all these crazy wild layers fly in my face and make me insane.   
Jewelry shot!

Do you have a bad hair period that made you crazy?  A hairstyle that SHOULD have worked for your hair, but didn't?

Shirt - The Chic Tunic Top - Avenue
Jeans - Petite Boyfriend Jeans - Avenue
Shoes - Crocs
Bracelet - Maurice's
Earrings - Craft fair
Necklace - upcycled from bits and pieces

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