Monday, October 4, 2010

Last of the poor jeans (10-2-10 and 10-3-10)

I don't really like these jeans.  But they were pretty much all I had.  I had those jeggings that I got from Torrid, but they almost immediately started to pill and rub apart on the inside thighs.  And truly, I only washed them when they were dirty!  But I couldn't find any jeans to fit me in stores.  When I tried anything on, it didn't fit.  As in, way too small and they ended up making me feel FAAAAAT.  This is not a feeling I like, obviously.  So I made due with these jeans, which I don't really like, along with the one other pair I had which I liked even less (they cut into my tummy when I sat down).

But what's this?  A smile on my face?  And cute jeans?  Plus-size ladies, I am here to recommend Avenue jeans.  I have two styles of them now, the Boyfriend Jeans (here, in petite) and the Zip Pocket Slim Boyfriend Jeans.  They are comfy, they are the right length for my short little legs, and they are CHEAP!  I got them off my new favorite website (that I visit like it's dispensing crack) OneStopPlus.  They have sizes 12-44 (I KNOW, seriously?).  Some of the stuff is a little matronly, but just check out the stuff from Avenue.  It's awesome.

Top Pic (10-2)
Sweater - Faded Gory

Bottom Pic  (10-3)
Sweater Dress - JMS
Jeans - Avenue Petite Boyfriend Jeans

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