Saturday, June 26, 2010

Purse Degradation (AKA Purses I Want)

So, you know how I won that purse?  Well, either the purse is shoddily made OR I have been cramming too much stuff into it.  It's made of "man made materials" and called a patent hobo bag.  It's starting to look like hobos have been at my bag, because bits of the faux patent leather are getting scratched off.  And yes, my sister makes purses, but what I want is not quite the kind of purse she makes.  She makes cute little-ish purses that WILL NOT HOLD ALL THE CRAP I CARRY AROUND.  Also, I need to have a bag I can sling over my shoulder.  This is the only problem with my mom's old bag, which I would otherwise carry forever.  Do you want to see what I mean?  I KNEW you did!!

If I wanted to be super cool and show off my indie web graphic novel...uh, coolness, I would have to get one of the FREAKANGELS fieldbags. (Warren Ellis is a weird and brilliant man.):
But it's $60, and I would want it filled with FREAKANGELS books.
What if I wanted to support other Etsy sellers?  This bag is awesome, and it has free shipping!
Still $55.
How about a little cheaper and a reference (in my head, anyway) to Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series?
Only $44
Or this one?
Only $25
But you know, I'm really cheap.  Like, super cheap.  So, if my local Target has these two, I might go for one of them.  $15 each, made of canvas (so they won't peel apart at least).

Or the other is this one:
or here.

Lately, it seems like I have a thing for birds.  Not real birds of course.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Cute little stylized birds.  I have also begun to link EVERYTHING to EVERYTHING ELSE.  I am the connections the world runs on,, never mind.

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  1. I like the Target ones, but I do see the appeal of the others. It's just that the Target ones can be dressed up or down. I used to carry an awesome little olive military-looking messenger bag, but it looks kind of shabby when I'm wearing a pretty dress and heels.

    Though, to be completely honest, since I'm pregnant, and prone to slouching my shoulders forward, I'm currently carrying a backback to try and balance stuff out. Don't judge!