Friday, June 18, 2010

Yes, I know the mirror is filthy...

But I just don't have the time (care enough) to clean it.  I liked this outfit, even though it's very simple.  It's just my usual jeans and two tank tops from Big Lots.  I know, I'm so FANCY!  The white one is a men's wife-beater and the grey is a woman's tank in a beautiful dark heathery gray.
Plain, no frills shot.
I hadn't ever tried layering tank tops before.  At least not over each other; as layers under other shirts, sure.  Plus size women (or at least me) tend to be wary of piling lots of fabric on.  There's no need to bulk up around the waist for me .  But this turned out well, I thought, and it kept me surprising warm all day long in the air conditioning inside.
Ooh, fancy pinup hair!
Just for fun, I turned one pic into a black and white shot, and I think that looks even better!  And yes, I am the color of paper.  (My sister found me at the beach by looking in the ocean for the whitest person she could see.)
My body is like marble...or maybe white play-doh.

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  1. I am just as paper-white as you my dear - my husband (who is Japanese, Hawaiian, Portuegese, and a lovely shade of brown year-round) has been trying to get me a little tanned, but the sun just doesn't take with me!