Sunday, June 27, 2010

Puffed Sleeves!

This is a Jonathan Martin dress that my mom thrifted for me.  On the hangar, it looked like it was going to hang down to my navel!  But instead, it's the only wrap-type top that I haven't had to sew shut in order to avoid flashing people by accident.  Plus it has puffed sleeves! 

True, they start around mid-arm, but I bet Anne Shirley would still be pleased.  Matthew would have gotten it for her in a second.  (See Anne of Green Gables if the above confused you.)  All in all, this dress fit amazingly well.  Much better than it photographed.  Of course, I am sort of doing a weary housefrau pose, so some of the blame lies with me.


  1. This is nice, and it looks like it will be really versatile as well (I'm imagining it in autumn with knee high boots and tights!) I love the flash of pink in the neckline too - very pretty!

    (oh also I loved the Anne reference...thinking of Matthew getting her the dress always makes me sentimental)

  2. Oooh, CUTE! Good job thrifting Mom!

  3. this is great! it looks super comfy :)