Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boho Girl

I bought actual heels the other day!  True, they're wedge sandals, but considering the fact that 99% of my shoes are flats, this is amazing.  And I bought two different kinds!  One you'll have to wait to see, but here are my new wedges.  They're amazingly comfy shoes, except for the fact that I am total unused to heels.  My feet are baffled by this position.
Payless BOGO sale, baby!
Today was what I thought of as a bohemian, yet classy, day.  I had some schmoozing to do, but I wanted to stay myself.

This outfit has photographed better before.  I love the jewelry I'm wearing.  I made it, and I love it.  Take that, modesty!
Damn.  Modesty caused the photo to blur a bit.  But hey, my makeup looks GREAT!  I don't wear blush, by the way, I'm just naturally this rosy.  On Saturday, I'm going to the beach for a week and hopefully my natural blush won't turn into a lobster burn.  Honestly, I can burn red in a half-hour of sun.  And my sister will tan.  GRRR.  I'll still post from our lovely beach house with WI-FI, though!

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