Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's in my purse?

Holly from Starlit Home tagged me in a purse post  and luckily enough I just got that new purse.  I took it to church, then completely filled it up for this coming work week.  The straps on this purse are actually big enough that I can carry it over my arm!
*Note: I just finished a book and I haven't put a replacement book into my purse yet.  Also missing are snacks for the day, like almonds and cranberries.*

Here is the purse! Buy it at  

Here is the purse full of things!

And now, as to what all those "things" are...

Stuff for my period and my phone.
(I thought I would start off glamourous.)

My wallet, with my etsy business card carefully obscuring my ID.  Go to and buy things!

My iPod and headphones (that everyone but me hates with a burning passion).  And yes, my iPod has all 3 Glee cds on it!  But not the Madonna one or the Regionals one yet.

This bag holds stuff to make me smell and taste better.  Hence, gum and altoids, and also hand sanitizer and hand salve (for little ouchies).

 the random bag.  It has my keys, a pen, some hand moisturizer, and two pill-boxes.  Yes, one pill-box is very pretty and used to be my step-grandmother's.  The other is a mini-altoid tin that I keep a stash of aleve in.

I might have a lip-gloss problem.  I keep amassing lip glosses and colored chapsticks.  But 99% of the time, I use my Burts Bees one.

Makeup.   Put on hurriedly in the car as my mother and I car-pool to work.  Some eye makeup, some powder, some mascara and I'm good to go.

Okay, so I carry a WHOLE LOT more stuff than Holly.  And I often end up carrying another bag full of books to return, or with a lunch inside.  But.  You get the basic idea.  How about you?


  1. Erin, it's funny, but normally there is a lot more in my purse - which is why I thought "Oh, purse post, that'll be fun!"
    But it was nearly empty...
    I love all the little organizational bags and things in yours!!

  2. i love that you have little bags for everything... makes me want to get my purse organized!!!

  3. hehe, i recently downgraded my purse, but i still have one or two other bags in mine. who did you tag for this post? :)