Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beach 2

I'm back home from the beach. Sad chibi face...

Anyway, a few more interesting things:

My sis and her husband brought their Wii, so we watched lots of Netflix Instant Demand.  LOTS of Spongebob, more than I ever ever ever needed to see.  But, also when the munchkins went to sleep, Sandra Bullock's movie "The Proposal": great start, then wrapped up way too quickly, I thought.  Also, I made everyone else watch the first ep of "Leverage" which is FANTASTIC (quick, go watch both seasons so you're caught up when it the third starts soon).

2.  I do the same pose every time I'm in a swimsuit.  Look:

And later in the week,


                                     Fascinating, huh?

I sat in the back of the suburban on the way home, with my nephew.  I don't talk about Killy nearly enough on here.  I guess I just talk about my niece more because she's my god-daughter and a complete sweetie-pie.  Killy is a total momma's boy and saves most of his sweetness for my sister.  He's a giant six-year-old whose head is at my chest!  (I'm 5'4")  Like all of us but my mom, he has a GIANT head.  He also looks exactly like a boy version of my sister as a child, so he's BEAUTIFUL.  Oops, I meant "handsome".  Sorry, Killy.
Doesn't his hair look like a messy Vulcan?
And finally, when we drove up to the house, the UPS fairy had come and gone, leaving the purse I won from Erin of Work With What You've Got.
This is what it looks like, but mine is pearlized white.
Thanks, other Erin!


  1. Oh! Speaking of purses...
    I tagged you in my "Whats In Your Purse" post :)
    Hope you play along - love the swimsuits, btw!

  2. wow, it looks like you guys had a great trip! i really like your second swimsuit -where'd you get it? also, your nephew is very cute. ;)