Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a belt!

My mom brought home this great dress from a thrift store.  It fits so nicely over my chest and hips (read: not tightly)!  But the waist is completely undefined.  So I thought of Chelsea and raided a very old drawer of belts.  I bought this Little Earth belt several years and LOTS of pounds ago.  But while it's tight around the waistline of my pants, it fit fine to the point of almost loose around my actual waist.  
Isn't this belt AWESOME!

The dress is made by Dialogue, a company I've never heard of before, but it was very comfy.  And I love how you can roll up the sleeves and secure them with the little straps.  It's sort of a "prairie" dress, sort of a shirtwaist dress.  Neither of which are exactly my usual style, but I really like this.  I'm glad I ended up wearing the leggings rather than pantyhose or footless tights, though.  At one point today during work, I was down on my knees, fighting with an evil poster-sized picture frame, trying to get the back off so I could put a diagram inside.  And all that I broke was the skin on my knuckles.  The library's not all fun and games, you know...

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  1. ooooh, a belt! it looks smashing oh you with this dress. love it (and now you must get morrrrre and be belt obsessed like me!).