Monday, June 28, 2010

Accessorize, Baby!

My outfit may be an old standard, but that's okay because this post is all about the accessories!  I got a new purse to replace the one that was falling apart.  It was on sale (naturally) at Target (for $15), and it's a Converse One Star.  It's not leather, but it's as thick and heavy duty as leather. 
Plus, it satisfies my "edgy" side with all those exposed zippers and such.  The next pic shows how (not quite half) full it is with all my usual stuff in it, along with a paperback.

And the other crucial accessory for me?  Jewelry!  I made these over the weekend, trying for a more steampunky vibe.
Aren't the teeny tiny gears adorable?
And the necklace is great, but it requires a low neck (or I suppose a really high one).

I even had an old man in Wal-Mart tell me he liked my necklace!
What new accessories have YOU gotten lately?


  1. CUTE! Love the new purse! And for such a steal!

  2. great purse, great earrings, great necklace: you're just great! :D