Friday, June 1, 2012

Scenic Parking Garage

It looked like we were going to run late today, so you get a shot in our parking garage at work. I might be turning into a a big hippie. I've made my own shampoo, now my own conditioner*, use a DivaCup, and I bought some GladRags yesterday. If I was writing this while listening to The Grateful Dead, the transformation might be complete. Luckily, I'm listening to Polyphonic Spree and wearing several man-made fibers, so I haven't quite crossed the line. I'll just take the label "green" instead. When you grow up in a county that's pretty evenly split between rednecks and hippies, you just want to be a normal geek.

Cardi and Pants - Simply Be, Shirt - Avenue, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - selfmade.

*Okay, made might be a big stretch. Did you know that you can use honey as a conditioner? And that it doesn't leave your hair sticky like you might worry it will?


  1. I just washed my hair with Dr. Bronner's soap, I cleaned my bathroom with vinegar this morning, I cloth diaper my baby, we hang our laundry to dry, we're growing a garden in our apartment window, and I'm listening to music created by people who live in a commune ;) Green is Go! :) :)

  2. You go with your green self! I love my GladRags (except the snap placement is kind of unfortunate and uncomfortable when I'm riding my bike), but I haven't been able to make my DivaCup work for me yet. I think I just need more practice...well, anyway. Honey is magical and can do basically anything, so it doesn't surprise me that it also works on hair. Your hair has been looking fantastic!

    1. Thanks for the hair compliments, sweetie! As for your DivaCup, did you snip off the little end bit? If you cut it right up to where it meets the actual cup (without of course leaving a hole) it'll fit better.