Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Blouse - Target, Shirt - Avenue, Pants - Walmart, Shoes - TOMS
I realized yesterday that while you could say I live in a multi-generational household (parents, children, grandchildren), you could also say I live in a teeny-tiny commune. Wikipedia says "A commune is an intentional community of people living together, sharing common interests, property, possessions, resources, and, in some communes, work and income. In addition to the communal economy, consensus decision-making, non-hierarchical structures and ecological living have become important core principles for many communes." My hippie-art-teacher outfit obviously helps solidify my point. The necklace is actually half of a set of earrings that a co-worker gave me after she bought them on sale at Wal-mart. After trying them on, she realized they were too big to wear comfortably, so she gave them to me for jewelry experimenting. My mom has a huge love of geodes and rock slices that she passed down to me, so I eagerly slapped this puppy on some chain for a long dangly necklace.


  1. Love the hippie art teacher look, and that necklace! :)

  2. I dunno if two people plus a cat counts as a commune in my case, but I like the way you think (and dress) and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.