Friday, June 29, 2012

I hate you and your face

Why didn't anyone tell me my ruffle was all kerfluffled?
 When things don't go right for me, I usually go on a rant (to myself) about how I hate people and their face. Honestly, until I started writing this, I had no idea where I picked that up. Apparently, I got it from Waiting for Guffman. The full line is "Well, then, I just hate you... and I hate your... ass... face!" The odd thing is that I don't like that movie. It's my least favorite Christopher Guest movies (favorite of course is A Mighty Wind, assuming we're not counting The Princess Bride). But I do like to tell my family that I hate their face.

This is the pose my Dad has been forcing me to make for days. The guy for the Today show, the one who's been down in Florida, poses like this while he's talking. Like he's a little teapot, telling us all the important news about which towns have been flooded. It is very hard to take him seriously. (And yes, I would obviously have the same problem with a woman posing this way. Little teapots don't differentiate by gender.)

At 7:15 this morning it was a delightful 80 degrees outside. In my office, I'm wearing a heavy cardigan, while outside it's now 90. Temperature is confusing, ya'll. Couldn't we just put a dome over the world and have it stay around 70? Rain only at night? Sound like a plan to everyone else? Good.

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  1. Oh lawdy, I am a maaajor fan of all the Christopher Guest mockumentaries (well, and post-mockumentaries For Your Consideration, too), although my favorite is Best In Show. "He went after her like she was made out of ham!" Oh. Too good.