Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big skirt, short legs

Long skirts are an excellent way of not showing your unshaven legs. I HEAR. And this skirt is so long on my itty-bitty legs that it comes almost to the ground. I don't know if I've ever tucked a shirt into it before though. It's a childhood rebellion thing, where my mom was/is a big proponent of tucking in shirts and I am totally not, Mom, so, like, leave me alone! But, um, it looks better this way. Shh. Don't tell her. I might also have started wearing the occasional slip and their even better cousin, pettipants. When my thighs are naked, they stick together and make me cranky.

As a grownup, I can now acknowledge that my mommy knows a great many things. I just don't always have to tell her that. But blazers are still not required work wear. Cardigans are totally the new blazer. Right? Right.

American Eagle shoes from Payless
I bought these on Tuesday for a cousin's wedding this weekend, and decided to give them a wear today to get all potential ouchy spots identified. I had a serious lack of non-black/non-purpley dress shoes that needed to be amended, so I picked up these little denim blue flats to go with a Joe Browns dress.

My father kept telling me to open my eyes. Then he told me that I opened them too much, and he could see all the way into my head. Old people are picky, ya'll.

Top - Avenue, Skirt - One Stop Plus, Shoes - American Eagle, Necklaces - self-made.


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  2. Gray, magenta and navy - love this color combo. :) Pretty necklace, too!