Monday, June 25, 2012

Dexter shoes and You

Top - Avenue, Pants - White Stag, Shoes - Dexter.
I don't have that many followers, so it sometimes feels oddly like I'm addressing a small bunch of friends instead of a huge crowd, like some bloggers do. At least, that's the reason I'm using for my lackadaisical style, and the odd things I talk about. It helps that the people who read my blog are just as strange as me. (Kiss! I love you all!) I can talk about what I dub "neo-hippie" stuff, like making my own shampoo and buying GladRags, or talk about my love for Regina Spektor, and several of you will pipe up in the comments about how much you like/use/make the same thing/person. So basically, this ramble turned into one about how awesome YOU are. Aren't you glad you kept reading?

Anyway, this outfit is from my patented Comfy Collection©. Tunic top, loose black pants, and Dexter flats. If you haven't noticed, I tend to wear these flats every other day or so. They are Dexflex Dexter flats from Payless, and they aren't on the website anymore, although they do have a number of cute boat shoes and little black flats from Dexter there. I'm a big fan of Dexter, because they (almost) always do their dress shoes in Wide Widths, and they're super comfy. Boat shoes are my secret preppy addiction as well.


  1. I've sworn off wearing inexpensive shoes (because I seem to have the feet of an 80-year-old and such shoes leave me limping and grumpy) but I might just have to take a look at those Dexter shoes. I'd love to buy shoes that are comfortable and not crazily expensive! :)

  2. You're awesome, we're awesome, everybody's awesome! As you (cough) may or may not have noticed, I'm a big fan of just rambling on about whatever's on my mind at blog-writing time, and I enjoy seeing it on other blogs. It helps me feel like I'm connecting to the blogger on a different level than just saying "hai i like yr pantz" every day.

  3. Aw, those flats are adorable. I'm sad that they're not available anymore...they sort of look exactly like what I need next. Ugh. SHOES. Also, man, I sometimes get rambly, especially about dance things and then completely forget to talk about clothes. Whoops.