Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Shirt and pants - Avenue, Shoes - TOMS, handmade necklace.
Sometimes photo time is surprising. I've worn my TOMS quite a bit lately, and I thought it was time for me to do a review. The style I bought are the Morocco Women's Vegan Classics, because they are super cute. (I personally have no real feelings about vegan shoes.) They're $54 before shipping, and the shipping varies depending on where you live. My only beef with them is that they don't come in a wide. You can stretch them out with a shoe stretcher pretty easily, since they are a canvas shoe. They're not what I would consider a $50 shoe, though. The whole deal with TOMS, though, is that for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a child in need in a developing country. So, cut the price in half, and with my shipping it was around $30. I would pay that much for these shoes. I keep expecting them to suddenly be filthy or the soles to be falling apart, but they're holding up really well. The elastic bit does leave a mark on my feet when I wear them all day, but I don't really have anyone examining my feet at the end of the day. On the whole, a decent (and adorable) pair of shoes, but I'm not a rabid fan.

As for the hair picture, when my hair was much longer, this was one of my quickest easy-styles. And I'm really glad it's long enough to do this again, even if the resulting ponytail is teeny. It's easy-peasy, too, just a ponytail split in half and fed through the hole. And that description didn't really make sense at all, did it? I may be a little backwards when it comes to hair descriptions, other than "big", "wavy", and "in a pretty braid".

Tucked ponytail with added silver streaks for awesomeness.


  1. Your face in the first photo is fantastic.

    And I like your TOMS too. I don't personally own any because although I get that they do good, they're not at all my style. Although, I probably should have purchased the wedges before I stopped shopping.

    Finally, jealous of your hair skills. I have non. It's sad.

  2. Love the tucked ponytail! Despite wasting some time on Pinterest and Youtube, poring over hair tutorials, so far the tucked ponytail is the only hairstyle I can actually replicate. :)
    I'm glad you shared your thoughts on the TOMS - I see so many people wearing them but I haven't really seen them reviewed.