Monday, June 4, 2012

Pantyhose are the devil.

Untidy belt is untidy.

I need to wash this dress to see if it shrinks up any. But for now, a lace-trimmed camisole will do to cover up the edges of my bra. Also, why are pantyhose evil? Seriously, I have a knee length pair of "shaper" shorts that I'll wear instead of panties under skirts in the summer, and they feel just fine: no muffin top or unnecessary pain of squishing. But pantyhose are the devil - regular or control top. They end up too tight, too short (on my short little legs!), and they always roll down. I give up. It's leggings or bare legs. And it was too cold this morning for bare legs.

Plain honey as a conditioner is working well, although it is harder to comb my hair. I just have to go slower. My hair is perfectly soft once it dries, it's just not as slick when it's wet now that I'm off the chemicals. My hair gets a little bigger in the afternoons, but...people seem to like it. I'll have to snap a picture sometime of my huge hair.

Dress - Simply Be, Camisole - thrifted, Leggings - Walmart, Shoes - Dexter, Necklace - thrifted.


  1. Love the print on that dress; it looks gorgeous on you! And I agree, pantyhose are totes evil. I won't wear them.

  2. Ew, pantyhose. They are so impossible. But leggings are the bestest. Also, the print on this tunic is darling.

  3. The colors and print of your dress are amazing - it reminds me of Marimekko. :) Big-hair pics, please. :)

  4. Thanks, everyone! I decided to ignore all those rules about plus-size women only wearing small prints when I saw this fantastic dress. It was so gorgeous that I had to snap it up.