Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flowing like a boho fiend

Wednesday: Shirt - B'leev, Pants - who knows, TOMS shoes.
 I'm still a little sick. Evidently I displeased the god of mucus and/or happiness, so I'm being punished for it. Hence the even more bohemian then usual outfits. Today is an unspecial day at work, filled mostly with address changes and a rush excel file for a coworker, so I decided on supreme comfort. And yes, I do have feet under this maxi dress. Unlike Gracey, this is fashion for munchkins (or at least the short-legged). I can feel all Grecian elegant-ish in this dress, when really it's made out of cotton and feels like a t-shirt nightie. All that you're missing is a shot of me with my glasses and big headphones on, hunched over a computer sitting cross-legged in a desk chair, and you would see my real day.

Dress - Mai Tai, Jean Jacket - Gap, Sleepy face by Erin.


  1. Purple always suits you so well, and the draping of that maxi is so elegant. :)

  2. I would make an offering to the god of mucus, but I'm afraid to get into the specifics of how one would go about doing that...I'll just wear my own maxi dress in solidarity and hope you get better soon.

    1. Er, that is, if you're not better already. I apparently wasn't paying attention to how long I had this tab open!