Monday, April 30, 2012

Why am I crazy?


I have successfully accomplished necklace layering! (As long as I use precise necklaces from my stash, and check several times in the mirror.) I really love the way layered necklaces look, but I have nervousness about whether or not I am managing to get it "right". By which I mean, I'm managing to look awesome, not like a drunken sailor wearing ALL the necklaces in the world. I also decided that I would make my May insane and/or set myself up for failure. I signed up for, which is obviously a website where your goal is to write (in May) a story a day. This isn't as random as it sounds; I actually write in my spare time, just not enough. This could be great, and I could finally write ends for all the half-finished stories I have cluttering up my netbook...OR IT COULD GO NOWHERE AND I WILL BE A SAD SAD PANDA. If you have any interest in cheering me on/slapping me until I write, my blog there is

Cardigan and top - Simply Be, Pants - Denim 24/7, Shoes - Target, Socks - Sock Dreams.


  1. You totally nailed layering necklaces. And I'm jealous. This is something I haven't gotten right yet. Maybe I don't have the right pieces. Yeah, I'm going to blame it on that.

    Congrats on the story-a-day thing; I can't imagine trying to produce that much work. I'm a sissy like that.

  2. The one time I tried to layer my necklaces, I chose the wrong pieces and they ended up a tangled mess. You layered necklaces like a pro!
    Yay on the story-a-day challenge ... definitely an ambitious way to kick-start your creativity. :)

  3. I enjoy the look, but layering necklaces rarely occurs to me. I just inherited some awesome ones from Interrobangs Katie, though, so I'll have to try and deploy some of them in tandem, and see if I can do it like you did. :D

    Good luck with the story writing! I've tried NaNoWriMo halfheartedly for the past few years, but it's always been for naught. I still tell myself I'll come back to the stories someday, though. Anyway, you can do it!