Friday, April 13, 2012

Tiny color-blocker

Who rocks the colors? Ellie-belle, that's who.

 So my niece totally kicks my butt in fearless color blocking. True, I wouldn't mix red, pink, green, and blue, even in my mind, but there's also no way that I could look that cute. Also, her little trick of pulling the top of her cardigan through the top buttonhole? Super-cute. Ellie loves to layer, in part because she tends to think that if she can't decide between a skirt and jeans, she'll just wear them both. Everything she's wearing was thrifted. Kid's clothes are the easiest stuff to find at thrift stores. Even the little combat boots were thrifted!

My new color jeans have started to come from Simply Be (today - 4/13/12 - use the code 3602 until midnight to get 40% off any size purchase). I need to break them in some, but I love this color. So springy and non-regular-jeans! I also got my April Birchbox yesterday and here are my quick thoughts on what I've used so far:
  • the MicrodermaMitt, made of silk, was nicely exfoliating without turning me into a sad little red-spotted ouchie like most scrubs do
  • the Yu-Be cream, from Japan, is okay but has a really STRONG camphor smell for a minute
  • Taylor Swift's perfume smells nice, but I prefer last month's sample by far (Ageless)
  • the Marula oil - okay, but definitely not going to buy it at that price when the One Love Skin Savior Balm is so much better and cheaper.


  1. Ellie-belle is definitely a mini fashionista - love how she fastened her cardigan and how she layers. :)
    Oooh, now we both own bold blue pants. :)

  2. Whoa, that kid is an innovator! Rock it hard, Ellie. You rock it too, Erin, with your snazzy jeans and leafy top.